“It is only the quietest one who can hear all the voices of the world; only the shadows can see all the lights!” Mehmet Murat Ildan

We’ve been quiet — listening and watching — and are ready after a five-year hiatus to start sharing as curators of information and facilitators of stories in design and culture. You, our readers and contributors are like friends who we look to and are part of our understanding of the human experience.

Those coming back will notice Fluoro’s new identity which takes on the tone reflecting wisdom and open-mindedness — with this naturally comes genuine inclusivity and diversity. 

Our mission: To enlighten you, our readers, a global community of creatives through stories and human experience.

There is a lot to come.

Enjoy the new content as we begin publishing stories, produced with love and passion by a team of true multi-faceted creatives who love what we do and consider design, art, fashion, experiential tech to have the power to enhance life. 

Welcome to fluoro.life.

Nancy Bugeja

Founders and creative directors of strategic design agency HM, Nancy Bugeja and Miguel Valenzuela, founded Fluoro more than 10 years ago in Melbourne, Australia. Originating as a print publication, Fluoro fed the creative and curious spirit of HM’s design team. In its original manifestation Fluoro was produced biannually and became the ‘poster child’ for the very latest in Avant Garde printing methods. Early editions saw the design team experiment with techniques such as cold foiling and braille.

Fluoro quickly established itself as an expressive and experimental platform through which HM could connect with their fellow creative community. Fluoro’s devotion to covering remarkable people doing remarkable things saw the magazine amass a diverse and global following of like-minded individuals – technically creative people inspired by everything in design, past and future.

Reactivated in September 2022 as the designers title, Fluoro aims to harness the evolution of publishing through digital and print whilst providing stakeholders and readers with a new direction in the ultimate human experience. 

Reactivation team

Nancy Bugeja

John Saint Michel

Creative direction
Miguel Valenzuela

Design and tech teams