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Fri 8 March 2024


Dear Friends

Welcome back to Fluoro as we kick things off on this International Women’s Day. Today marks not just a celebration of women’s achievements, but also a renewal of our commitment to sharing stories that resonate with truth, discovery, authenticity, free thought, and excellence.

Within Fluoro, you’ll discover a blend of long-form stories, interviews and captivating visuals from exhibitions worldwide. Our mission remains firm: to enlighten our readers—a diverse global community of creatives—with stories amplifying human expression and cultural exploration. Fluoro serves as a platform for curators, artists, and designers, both past and present.

Fluoro’s journey began over a decade ago in the creative hub of Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Australia, nurtured within the walls of my strategic design agency, HM. Founded alongside Creative Director Miguel Valenzuela, Fluoro was born out of a desire to fuel our creative spirits and those of HM’s design team. Initially produced biannually in print, Fluoro quickly became synonymous with avant-garde printing methods, pushing boundaries with innovations like cold foiling and braille.

Relaunched late last year as the designers title, Fluoro is a global curator of information and facilitator of stories in art, fashion, and design culture.

I invite you to join me in celebrating the power of storytelling and the boundless creativity that defines Fluoro.

Nancy Bugeja



Nancy Bugeja

Creative direction
Miguel Valenzuela

John Saint Michel
Stephen Crafti
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David Eynaud

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