Antonio Brasko: A Vehicle for Art and Fashion

Converging high fashion and street culture, designer Antonio Brasko has today released an extended set of his Montana Spray Can concept. fluoro spoke with Brasko to find out more about the project.

Brasko became inspired to work with what he was passionate about, looking to the worlds of fashion, art and graffiti. The result: the Montana Spray Can concept, a personal piece that has gained international recognition and has given a new meaning to street art and it’s cross with fashion. Maintaining the aesthetics the brands are known for, Brasko’s project has taken on some of the world’s most prestigious brands.

(f) What inspired this project? 

(AB) It began as a personal project that really just evolved from my love of fashion, art & graffiti. I never planned for the cans to spray a message; the contents were meant to be interpreted by the viewer in association with the brand colors. I really intended for it to be a vehicle that brings together art and fashion.

(f) Why did you select the brands you have chosen for the project ʻSpray Paint Cansʼ?

They were selected because at some point, these brands utlised art or graffiti in their brand messaging or they are closely connected with the culture and history of those industries.

(f) Do the luxury branded cans evoke a different message to those that are branded with street wear labels?

(AB) Not necessarily. I think in today’s fashion/streetwear culture everyone kind feeds off everyone else. It has become commonplace to mix high-end luxury with street wear or vintage finds.

(f) Does a project like this one affect future projects involving the brands included? For better or worse?

(AB) I think projects like this affect future collaborations in a good way. It gives the brand(s) a different point-of-view and allows them to get a glimpse of my creativity and thought process.

I enjoy pushing the boundaries of fashion, art, design and culture to really create something authentic and modern. It’s also a way for me to play around with new approaches to design and branding that typically may not happen otherwise.

I’ve already been approached my Montana Spray Paint, Nike, Jordan Brand, Kith NYC, Stüssy and a few others to purchase cans for their personal collection.

(f) The future…tell us what is in the pipeline.

(AB) Right now there’s a lot in the mix. I’m launching cut and sew menswear line called Norwood. The inaugural collection will debut Fall 2013. There’s also a few global brands, like Nike, that I will be partnering with to introduce new and innovative consumer experiences. Of course [there are also] a couple top-secret projects that are going to drop later this year. Stay tuned.

Antonio Brasko is based in Oregon, US. He lends his expertise to the likes of global brands such as Nike, Adidas and Supreme working across art direction, product development and design.

New menswear label Norwood:


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