David Chipperfield: Museo Jumex

British Architect David Chipperfield’s first Latin American project, the Museo Jumex is a 43,000 square foot contemporary art space that is in harmony with the urban fabric and character of Mexico City.

Chipperfield’s design of the Museo Jumex recognises the importance of creating a space that is fitting for the city. Walls are crafted from concrete and white travertine, a material that is sourced locally, while natural light is used in the upper gallery to create a space that is vast yet warm. The five-storey building features a library, a performance space and bookstore. Local architecutre studio TAAU also worked on the project.

The Museo was founded by Eugenio López Alonso and features a diverse selection of contemporary art. Alonso’s vision was to create a tranquil space removed from the chaotic nature of Mexico City.

Its inaugural exhibition titled ‘A Place in Two Dimensions’, is a reference to the concept of parallel realities. The exhibition features 50 works from the contemporary collection on one side of the exhibition space against a solo show by Fred Sandback sculptor on the other.

‘A Place in Two Dimensions’ is on display until Sunday 9 February 2014.


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