JR: Women are Heroes

To mark the end of his Women are Heroes project, JR has adorned several shipping containers on one large ship with pasted posters from the project. The ship is making a journey from France to Malaysia.

JR formed the Women are Heroes project in 2007, as a tribute to the individuals in society, who despite holding pivotal roles in families and societies, find themselves victims of crime and sexual assault. JR has pasted portraits of women from around the world, with the project spanning parts of Africa, South America and Asia.

This last component of the project sees the eyes of women from the initial 2007 project pasted across the various shipping containers in a grid. As the containers are delivered to their destinations the image will disappear, with the separate parts no longer holding the story. JR hopes that this journey will allow the project to continue to reach women around the globe.

JR’s work was recently celebrated in a retrospective in Germany at the Museum Frieder Burda, which was covered by fluoro. Find out more here.


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