River Yarra: The Look

River Yarra is the new project from musician Raudie McLeod. He has just released his first single under the project, titled The Look.

Raudie is an accomplished musician and visual artist from Melbourne, Australia. He has released numerous tracks under his birth name, before deciding to launch River Yarra. The sound of River Yarra occupies a space between peaceful days and decadent nights.

River Yarra’s debut single – The Look – first started taking shape on a holiday to a friend’s farm in regional Victoria. Field recordings of rocks being thrown into ponds and people yelling to the forest were turned into a 15 minute textural study, before being given more of a ‘traditional’ song format.

The Look is the first of three tracks to be released on River Yarra’s upcoming EP, which is set for release in mid-October 2014 through Solitaire.


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