Scott Scheidly: The Pinks II

The latest exhibition from Florida-based artist Scott Scheidly continues his exploration of social perceptions through colour and symbolism.

In 2013, Scheidly presented a show titled The Pinks. The exhibition introduced Scheidly’s both shocking and hilarious re-imaginings of masculine figures. Notable men from history and fiction alike were pictured adorned in pink hues and witty accessories. For this exhibition, titled The Pinks II, Scheidly’s new batch of portraits incorporates various classic American machismo and notorious dictators. Similar to his previous exhibition, each is displayed in a pink frame.

Each of Scheidly’s subjects have been noted for their bravado and manliness. Many of Scheidly’s paintings are playful in nature, for example the candy-coated Tusken Raider from the popular Star Wars franchise. However others such as like Vladimir Putin address a more serious dialogue. Scheidly has painted Putin bearing pink furs and the rainbow pride flag. By experimenting with our preconceptions viewers are challenged to react to the tension Scheidly has created.

The Pinks II is on display at Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco, USA until Friday 24 October 2014.

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