BALL: Engineer Master II Skindiver II

BALL introduces the new Engineer Master II Skindiver II, the successor to the much-celebrated Engineer Master II Skindiver.

Like its predecessor the Engineer Master II Skindiver II pays tribute to its heritage as it is inspired by the first BALL Skindiver timepiece, which was created in 1962 in response to the increasing popularity of underwater diving in the USA, the homeland of BALL watches.

The watch merges 1960s vintage design with the codes and technology of contemporary watchmaking. The development of the new piece led to a steel case of 43 mm in diameter and a 14 mm height. Paying homage to the origins of BALL Watch Company, the back of the case is engraved with the United States Coast Guard Reserve insignia.

Honouring underwater exploration the water resistance of the Engineer Master II Skindiver II is extended to the depth of 500 meters. This feature is facilitated through an automatic helium release valve fitted into the case of the watch, which prevents potential damage from internal pressure.

Another key feature for divers is the wide rotating bezel of black ceramic, which allows for easy measuring of diving time. Critically, the bezel allows for unidirectional rotation to prevent any unintended manoeuvre from the user of accidentally prolonging the time available for returning to surface.

The watch incorporates one of the BALL’s pioneering technologies of ceramic treatment, which resists corrosion, scratches and UV rays as well as it allows the numerals and the graduation of the bezel to be coated with a powerful luminescent paint. The black dial is kept minimalist and simple to express only essential information during a dive. The dial as well as the hands is fitted with double micro tubes of luminescent H3 gas enabling the watch’s indications to remain visible even in darker ocean depths.

Living up to the standards the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute, the movement of the watch is driven by Swiss-made automatic BALL RR1103-C allowing for exceptional precision and accuracy.

The Engineer Master II Skindiver II is available in two versions – a bracelet with stainless steel links, emphasising the vintage look and alternatively a rubber strap with a standard buckle.

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2 thoughts on “BALL: Engineer Master II Skindiver II
  1. back links check says:


    1. The previous Skindiver has a tritium rating of T (or T100), whereas this new Skindiver II has a tritium rating of T25. However, by looking at both watches, they seem to have the same amount of tritium tubes, both flats (the hour marker) and rounds (the hands). How is it so? Does the new Skindiver II has a lesser tritium brightness compared to the previous Skindiver?

    2. About the bezel, is the new Skindiver II bezel integrated with LumiNova as well like the previous Skindiver?

    3. What will the price be for this new Skindiver II?

  2. back links check says:

    Hello Syahrul,

    Here are the answers to your questions:
    1. A brief explanation from the BALL factory: “The luminosity has no substantial difference in the initial few years between T vs T25 as the rate of decline is not linear.”
    2. The bezel of the Skindiver II is Luminova which is the same as the previous Skindiver.
    3. RRP AUD$3,845.

    We hope that helps.


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